5 Basic Facts about Variable Frequency Drives White Paper

5 Basic Facts about Variable Frequency Drives

It’s a fact. There are more electrical motors in the world than there are people – by a wide margin. Variable frequency drives have become ubiquitous tools to achieve efficiency from an electrical motor. However, they don’t work miracles and there are critical limitations and factors that should be considered when selecting a VFD for a motor control application.  Download and read this white paper to learn the 5 Basic Facts about Variable Frequency Drives to learn how they function and why.

Motor Drive Troubleshooting Guide Icon

Motor Drive [VFD] Troubleshooting & Diagnostic Guide

When commissioning a drive, and the motor does not run or run properly, you must determine if the problem is the drive, the motor, or the wiring. Download and execute the steps in our Motor Drive Troubleshooting Guide in a methodical order to help rule out what’s good and pinpoint what’s wrong.  This guide is specifically written to quickly walk you through steps where the display is dead, the motor is not running, or the motor is running incorrectly.

Custom variable frequency drive checklist

Why build a custom motor drive versus buying off-the-shelf?

What are the Important Considerations?

As an AC motor drive engineering firm, distributor, and manufacturer, Invention House faces this question on a daily basis. We use the following 5-Point Custom Motor Drive Checklist when consulting with OEM and military clients to determine if buying an off-the-shelf drive or building a custom motor drive makes sense.