What Are Common Uses of 400hz Motor Drives?

The common uses of 400 Hz motors and drives are found in a variety of applications, including aircraft, military and defense systems, and other high-tech industries. Some specific examples include:

  • Aircraft: 400 Hz power is commonly used on board aircraft for powering various systems, such as avionics, lighting, and in-flight entertainment.
  • Military and defense systems: 400 Hz power is often used in military and defense systems, such as radar and communications systems, due to its high efficiency and ability to operate in harsh environments.
  • Industrial automation: 400 Hz drives are used in some industrial automation systems, particularly those that require precise speed control and high efficiency.
  • Other high-tech industries: 400 Hz motors and drives are also commonly used in other high-tech industries, such as medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing, where their high efficiency and precision are beneficial.

Why are 400hz Motor Drives Used in Aviation?

The most common use of 400 Hz motor drives are in aviation because they are able to power motors that operate at high speeds, which is important in aircraft applications where weight and size are critical factors. 400 Hz drives are also more efficient than drives that operate at lower frequencies, which helps to reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, 400 Hz drives can generate a higher power density, which means that they can produce more power in a smaller, lighter package.

In aircraft, 400 Hz drives are often used to power systems such as generators, pumps, and fans. They are also used in military aircraft and other applications where high-speed motors are required.

Where Can I Buy a 400hz Motor Drive? Picture of 20hp, 230 volt, 400 hz motor drive

Buying a 400hz motor drive is usually not a straight forward task.  There are many sources of off-the-shelf 3-phase motor drives, but 400hz are a special breed. Invention House is a manufacturer of custom 3-phase 400hz motor drives. A great first step when searching for a 400hz motor drive is to have a conversation with Invention House to discuss your 400hz motor drive needs and its total operating environment.

A 400hz drive is used to control other on-board equipment such as a pump, winch, fan, compressor, or other electric motor driven systems. These systems all have unique horsepower, voltage, weight, and size requirements.  Further, aircraft operate at extreme ranges for temperature, shock and vibration – collectively these extreme requirements are often known as “military-spec” or “mil-spec” for short. Therefore, it is important to source a 400hz drive that works within the requirements of the total system and aircraft operating environment.

This is the work of Invention House – building custom 400hz motor drives and consulting on 400hz motor drive projects, with an emphasis on mil-spec requirements. As an example, Invention House built a custom 400hz drive to fit inside a winch pod carried by a helicopter, for the purpose of helicopter logging.  Likewise, the team at Invention House can help refine your requirements, including making recommendations on motors and other components.  Contact Invention House to put your 400hz motor drive project on the right path.

Source for 20hp, 400hz, 230v Drive for OEM Applications

Invention House is a reliable source for 20hp, 230-volt, 400hz motor control drives for OEM application. Invention House has been designing and building custom motor drives for over 20 years. We have built 400 hz aircraft variable frequency drive drives for commercial and military applications, including demanding environments such as desert conditions and aviation.

Our speciality is custom motor drives, where we integrate the drive, power supply, and PLC on one or two boards. 

Application for our custom, reliable 3-phase 230-volt, 400hz (input / outbput) motor drives include:

  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Hydraulics
  • Conveyor System
  • Winches
  • Aviation-based motors
  • Converting 400hz to 60hz

For 3-phase drive pricing and full specifications, please contact Phil Langhorst Contact Invention House.

Invention House 3-phase, 230volt drives are designed to meet demanding specs, including ambient temperatures from -45c to +55c, and withstand 40g shock and 2g rms vibration. This drive supports 400hz input or output. Drive control is set up through standard terminals or Modbus.  Our 3-phase, 230-volt drives require minimal cooling – just 5 cfm across the heat sink fins.

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