Custom Controls and LabView

Invention House has been designing and building custom control systems for over 15 years. We have developed both the embedded controller and user interfaces for many types of machines - from 200kW turbines to experimental heat pumps. We have experience in both fully custom end-user PC applications and LabView HMIs. If you need an OEM control system for your machine or a user interface for an existing machine, send us an email!

Embedded Controls

  • Controls Based on 8-bit, 32-bit, FPGA, and Single-Board Computer (SBC) Platforms
    • Systems with SD Card and USB Interfaces
    • IoT Devices with Internet Connectivity
    • Ethernet, ZigBee, MODBUS, CANbus, and Custom Protocols

LabView Development

  • Experience with LabView Hardware and Software
    • cRIO, roboRIO, etc.
    • LabView Application Builder (allows deployment on any PC)
  • Experience with Custom Hardware and LabView
    • Custom Data Acquisition Hardware
    • OEM Solutions with LabView Integration

Custom HMIs

  • Development of 'Typical' Windows Applications
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Custom Applications Developed for End-Users

Contact us to discuss your application and find out about our full range of capabilities!

LabView HMI Developed with Custom Control System for an Experimental Heat Pump
.NET HMI Developed for Tablet PC