Single phase linear motor drive
Invention House SPD-2230 B: The perfect drive for linear motor control.
Linear motors, often used in materials handling, process control and automation, deliver improved accuracy, repeatability, speed and acceleration over traditional rotary motors. Designing VFDs for controlling linear motors is a specialty of Invention House.

Drive Options

Invention House offers two off-the-shelf drive options for linear motors; our SPD-500 C and the SPD-223O B. However, the SPD-2230 B is our preferred drive platform for linear motors and solenoid drive applications because of its greater power output.


  • Single-phase Input
  • Single-phase Output
  • 5 and 10A Models
  • -40 to +60C Operating

  • 120V/230V Models
  • 400Hz Output Option
  • Open Frame or with Case
  • 40G Shock, 2Grms Vibration

  • 1 Digital Output, 4 Digital Inputs
  • 1 High Voltage Relay

Input Voltage Range
Max Output Current
Output Frequency Range
SPD-500C 90-132 4A 35-70Hz Independent V and Hz Yes
SPD-2230B 90-250 10A Up to 25kHz Specialty Drive (linear motors, resonant XFMR...) Yes

Custom Linear Motor & Solenoid Drives

We recommend a custom drive solution for unique linear motor and solenoid applications. Let Invention House create a custom drive for you!