400Hz, 230VAC Aviaton Variable Frequency Motor Drive

Check out this new 400hz, 230-volt variable frequency motor drive for aviation-based application from Invention House.  Picture of 20hp, 230 volt, 400 hz motor drive

Model #: 3PD-25230 AviationDrive   

Download Cut Sheet

  • 3PD Input/Output Configuration: 3-phase input, 3 phase output.
  • 230VAC - 65Amps rms (20hp)  (10hp also possible)
  • 50/60/400hz Output
  • Flange for bulkhead mounting.
  • Minimal cooling required - just 5 cfm across the heat sink fins.
  • -40C to +55C temperature operating range
  • 40g shock, 2grms vibration
  • 10lbs total weight

400Hz Aviation Motor Drive Applications 400 hz helicopter winch

  • Helicopter-based winches
  • Aviation-based motors driving pumps, fans, mechanisms

Watch and Listen: 400hz 20hp Motor Drive Speed Test