Robotic Brush for Conformal Coating PCBs

The Raphael 4040 (Pat. Pend.) is a table-top-size robotic brush for conformal coating PCBs containing 3D components such as switches and connectors that cannot be coated.


"The Raphael 4040 saves us 4-minutes per board by eliminating masking, which is a huge savings of time and material!" - Tim Pratt, Agility Manufacturing


The Raphael 4040 automates conformal coating of PCBs and eliminates manual conformal coating and component masking required of conformal spray systems.  A computer-controlled pump and brush applicator deliver a precise amount of conformal coating over a programmed path that controls the brush applicator to within 7-thousandths of an inch. The program guides the brush along an optimum path, rising up or around critical components.  An integrated joystick is used to "teach" Raphael the ideal coating path, which can then be further optimized within the coating path program.

A Robotic Conformal Brush? Yes!

There are many types of automated conformal coating systems, most of which use a spray head and are ideal for PCBs that have components that can be spray coated. In some applications, a traditional spray paint gun or aerosol cans are used. So why use a brush? The fact is if you are faced with PCBs that have components or "keep away" areas that can not be conformal coated, a spray-based operation is not ideal. Many manufacturers faced with such boards use manual labor to hand brush such boards.  The Raphael 4040 automates the conformal brush process, does it consistently, and saves time, money, labor, and creates a cleaner and safer working environment in the process. Is the Raphael 4040 right for every PCB conformal coating process? No, but if you have boards that are loaded with components or areas that cannot be conformal coated, there is a good chance it is!

Take The Tour! Watch the videos below for an overview of the Raphael 4040 features and operation. Watch conformal coating being applied by Raphael’s robotic brush and learn how the conformal robot is controlled in Raphael Studio – our proprietary path programming software. Watch more of our videos on our Raphael 4040 Conformal Coating YouTube channel.

Feature Overview

Conformal Coating

Programming Overview

Raphael 4040 Benefits: Robotic Conformal Coating Robot with Brush Applicator

  • Higher Quality: Boards completed with identical precision time after time.
  • Table-Top Size: 21.5" wide x 19.5" deep x 27" high fits under most vent hoods.
  • Power Requirements: 110 AC minimum 15-AMP power.
  • Shop Air: None required!
  • Faster: Can coat boards 4x to 5x faster than a manual process*.
  • Reduce Waste: Eliminates overspray and conformal waste.
  • Eliminate or Reduce Masking: Completely eliminated on some jobs or dramatically reduced on others.
  • Quantity: 40 cm x 40 cm work area can accommodate multiple boards.
  • Safety:  Distances workers from conformal fumes & eliminates tedious handwork.
  • Labor Savings: Better working conditions, higher productivity per worker.

*Based on internal tests.  Final coating speed depends on many factors such as board size, the number of boards per plate, board complexity, etc.