VFD for Military Tent Ventilation Unit

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    HVAC, Military


Created VFD for mobile ventilation unit which automatically increases motor speed to maintain CFM regardless of filter back pressure and altitude.

Customer Comment

“We now save hundreds of thousands annually on unnecessary filter replacements and produce a more controlled environment for the troops.”

A major supplier of ventilation/pressurization units for various tent-based systems (i.e. medical aid, mobile hospital, troop quarters, etc) was experiencing excess premature filter replacement demands caused by filtered particle build up. The ventilation units are required to deliver a constant airflow and as the back pressure increased, the only in-field solution was to replace the filter. Invention House solved this problem by creating a custom drive solution which had 50% more horsepower and could maintain the airflow against higher filter back pressure. The result: a dramatic decrease in filter replacement, saving the military time, money and decreased shipping and inventory of filters plus the added benefit of a greater range of deployment.