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Automated Conformal Coater


Conformal coating brush robot


Raphael 4040 Robot Brush

The Raphael 4040 employs precision pumps and a computer-guided brush to apply conformal coating to PCBs that have components that can not be coated.

400 Hz Motor Drive

Picture of 20hp, 230 volt, 400 hz motor drive

400 Hz Aviation Drives

Our new 400hz, 230-volt variable frequency motor drive is for aviation-based applications.  Currently supporting aviation heavy-lift operations.

Custom 3-Phase Motor Drives

3-phase drive OEM

3-Phase Drives OEM

Our custom 3-phase motor drives meet Mil-spec and extreme operating conditions and can be programmed to include logic for atmosphere, pressure, torque, and other operating conditions.

News Flash – James Webb Telescope Supported by Invention House

James Webb Shipping Container STTARS
STTARS arrival at Ellingon Airport, TX.
Image Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn

Invention House Custom 400Hz Motor Drive Supports James Webb Telescope Shipping

The custom 400 Hz motor drive system supplied by Invention House allowed the container’s air conditioning system to operate anywhere in the world, on the road, and in the air. It accepted power supply at 50hz,60hz, or 400hz and delivered a steady 60hz to the compressor and fans. Learn More

Download White Paper: 5 Basic VFD Facts

Your Challenge is our Mission

At Invention House, our mission is to engineer reliable, efficient and economical motor control products for our customers. We thrive on challenging environments and requirements. We deliver amazing results. Let us show you how!